2013 Workshop Notes

Wednesday, November 20

Tree Fruit Symposium Stream

Transitioning to a Diverse Orchard with Ken Taylor
Designing/Planting the Orchard with Ken Taylor
Orchard Interventions with Ken Taylor
Building the Organic Orchard from the Ground Up with Julia Reekie
Positive Solutions with Permaculture with Graham Calder

Season Extension

Panel: Innovative Season Extension Techniques with Norm Hunter, Patrice Finnigan & Jean-Pierre Privé
Protected Structures for Sustainable Raspberry Production with Jean-Pierre Privé
Part 1: Season Extension with Storage, Cellaring & Low Tunnels with Paul & Sandy Arnold
Part 2: Season Extension with High Tunnels with Paul & Sandy Arnold

Wholesale / Value Added

Intro to Wholesale with Peter Chapman
Building Wholesale Relationships with Beth Pomper and Peter Chapman
Regulations and Realities for Value-Added Products with Ed Charter and Mike Beamish
Panel: Value Added Lessons Learned with Brian Boates, Guylaine Buecheli, and Levi Lawrence

Farm Management

Farming Smarter, Not Harder with Richard Wiswall
Farmer Friendly Budgets with Richard Wiswall
The Efficient Office with Richard Wiswall
Farm Record Keeping 2.0 with David Wides, AgSquared

Thursday, November 21

CSA/Direct Marketing

Year-round Farmers’ Market Success: Tips and Tricks with Paul & Sandy Arnold
Panel: CSA Software
Part 1: Promote to Build Your Farm Business with Roger Snowdon
Part 2: Promote to Build Your Farm Business with Roger Snowdon
Considering the Marketing Co-operative with Amanda Hachey
Scaling Up Your CSA with Josh Oulton and Kent Coates

Small Fruit & Berry

Part 1 & 2: Organic Table Grape Production with Claude Gélineau*
Managing the Spotted Wing Drosophila Organically with Deb Moreau
Organic Strawberries with Paul & Sandy Arnold
Organic Management of the Nova Scotia Strawberry Virus Complex with John Lewis
Fruit & Berry Network Development with Stephanie Compton

*For those of you who purchased grape cuttings at the Conference from Claude Gélineau, please click here to see a PDF of how to grow grapes from your cuttings!

Seed & Propagation

Recipes for Growing High Quality Seed with Jodi Lew-Smith
Seed-Borne Disease with Jodi Lew-Smith
Creating Regionally Adapted Seed Genetics with Ken Taylor
Beyond the Basics: Saving Vegetable Seed with Andrea Berry
Saving Grain Seed with Loïc Dewavrin
Panel: The Business of Seed with Andrea Berry, Gilberte Doelle and Angus Mellish


Things to Know About Growing Mixes with Rob English
Building the Best Soil with Paul & Sandy Arnold
Albrecht Method with Eltjo van Cingel
The Nature and Property of Soils with Dr. Andrew Hammermeister
Part 1: Nutrient Dense Crops with Dan Kittredge
Part 2: Nutrient Dense Crops with Dan Kittredge

Friday, November 22

Vegetable Management

Managing Pest & Disease in Organic Vegetables with Tim Livingstone
Brix and Growing Quality Vegetables with Dan Kittredge
Economics of Wholesale Vegetable Production with Matt Dykerman
Panel: Mechanical Weeding Techniques with Josh Oulton, Mike Carr, and Kent Coates

Grains & Pulses

Oilseed Production with Loïc Dewavrin
Agro-bio: Experiences in a Grain Co-operative with Loïc Dewavrin
Understanding & Controlling Weeds with Dr. Andrew Hammermeister
Organic No-Till Soybeans with Sébastien Angers

Community Food Skills Series

Sourdough Bread-making 101 with Tegan Wong-Daugherty & Speerville Flour Mill
Demystifying Food Labels: Understanding the Organic Claim with Jodi Koberinski
Organic Vegetable Growing From the Ground Up with Alyson Chisholm
Preparing Whole Foods with Diane Savoie


Animal Management with Sébastien Angers
Intensive Pasture Management with Sébastien Angers
On-Farm and Off-Farm Processing with Guylaine Buecheli
Opportunities & Options for Organic Dairy in the Maritimes with Roger Henry and Alyson Chisholm


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