Conference Workshop Notes

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Thursday March 10, 2011
New Organic Farmers’ Forum:

– Atlantic Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers: Patricia Bishop & Josh Oulton: “What we do and how we do it” (Stay Tuned)

 Low barrier methods to achieve your farm dream. Panel with Jean Snow (SPIN farming), Graeme Bancroft (roadside stand), and Daniel Brisebois (co-op farming)

– Going (and staying) organic–what you need to know about standards, recordkeeping and inspection with Allison Grant and Roxanne Beavers

Friday March 11, 2011:

– Getting Started in Vegetable Seed Production with Andrea Berry and Dan Brisebois

– Root Crops: Producing Organic Seed with Karen Davidge, Greg Wingate and Richard Behm

– Natural beekeeping 101: a farmer-to-farmer discussion with Stephen Livingstone

Saturday March 12, 2011
Community Day:

– Who buys organic and what consumers want: Marada Cook

– Selecting the right greenhouse for your farm with David Cohlmeyer and David Blanchard 

– New agroecosystems for organic raspberry production in the Maritimes with Dr. Jean-Pierre Privé

– Seven years of CSA farming with profits with Daniel Brisebois and Emily Board

– Value-added garlic products, marketing and tasting with Richard Behm (Stay Tuned)

– How to sell more at Farmers’ Markets with Rowena Hopkins

– Greenhouse profitability with David Cohlmeyer 

– CSA panel: Finding the right (profitable) model for your business with Roxanne Beavers, Jessica Ross, Emilie Gagné, and Daniel Brisebois (Stay Tuned)

– Lessons learned in local greenhouse management (panel discussion) with Rupert Jannasch and David Blanchard

– How to market your CSA: Patricia Bishop

– Winter storage and marketing with David Cohlmeyer

– Transplants 101 with Tim Livingstone (Stay Tuned)

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